Remodeling Masonry, Images 1-9

Before the project

After: A 48-square-foot addition on the back corner of this brick home created a larger rectangular space for the kitchen. The project required removing the first-story structural brick wall in the inside corner and supporting the second story with steel beams.

Interior, before the project

After: Note the boxed-out column at the right rear of the new refrigerator, which encloses a lally column positioned where the original exterior wall used to be.

A pair of steel channels bolted back-to-back support the load-bearing double-wythe brick wall above. Angles welded to the channels provide a lip for the brick to rest on.

The block foundation of the small addition includes a shelf for the new brick veneer. After the deck was framed and the new masonry walls stabilized, a new precast bulkhead was craned into place.

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