Remodeling Masonry, Images 18-28

Before: An earlier master-bedroom addition above the garage was clad with vinyl siding.

After: The new owners wanted to replace the vinyl with local stone that matched the rest of the front facade.

Because the existing garage door lintels were not capable of carrying the combined weight of the new stone and the roof loads, the engineer's plan called for a new Parallam beam set inside the stone on top of the second-floor joists to support the rafters. A pair of bolts at each ceiling joist connection prevented the roof from spreading as the work was done.

The 5 1/4-inch-by-11 1/4-inch Parallam, slid into place through a rectangular hole in the gable wall, spans the width of the garage.

The Parallam beam

Steel columns support the beam at the ends and in the center.

Solid blocking transfers the loads through the floor framing.

Birdsmouths were cut into the rafters to accommodate the new 2x6 wall framed on top of the Parallam.

The face of the sheathing is 1 1/2 inches behind the back of the stone to allow for drainage.

The original windows were reinstalled on plywood extension jambs set into the new frame wall.

The new locally quarried stones should weather to more closely match the original.

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