Repair Rotting Roof, Images 7-14

Warm, humid air had collected and condensed on the framing and sheathing of the bump-out entryway roof, causing it to rot.

To block air leakage into this cavity, the author cut rigid foam to fit around the framing and over the partially sheathed roof.

Everything was sealed up with two-part foam.

Taking advantage of existing vented soffits, the author cut slots in the sheathing along the eaves to provide air pathways through the eaves assembly.

Sleepers installed over the foam provided solid nailing for the new OSB roof sheathing and ventilation channels underneath.

New beveled 2x6 subfascia "extenders" accommodated the 3 1/2 inches of added roof thickness.

Rigid foam adds R-value to the roof assembly, while a new radon-mitigation system helps dry out the soil beneath the home, reducing indoor humidity levels.

Air entering the vented metal soffits flows up through channels between the sleepers and exits out the continuous ridge vent, helping to keep the new roof deck cold.

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