Replacing a Bulkhead Door, Images 10-17

Bottom: I ripped the bottom pieces to match the angle of the sides, again using two pieces to get a wider frame.

Bottom: I glued and screwed them together, as I did with the sides.

Bottom: I cut the laminated piece to length.

Bottom: I applied Woodlife Coppercoat preservative to all the pieces to help prevent the wood from rotting, and the frame was ready to assemble.

Assembly: I predrilled holes for long timber screws, then applied adhesive.

Assembly: I screwed the tapered sides to the bottom piece.

Assembly: A cleat tacked across the sides kept the frame from racking as I positioned it.

Assembly: After shimming the bottom with strips of PVC so that it rested flat, I predrilled holes through the wood into the concrete and secured the frame with Tapcon screws. Given the poor condition of the concrete, this seemed safer than using powder-actuated fasteners.

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