Replacing a Rooftop Deck, Images 1-10

Pedestal supports and preassembled wood tiles simplified installation and maintenance of this rooftop deck.

The finished rooftop deck

The existing pressure-treated deck covered a leaking roof membrane and rotted sheathing.

To reinforce the existing roof framing, the author sistered new joists alongside the old, supporting them in expanded masonry pockets. The old decking was replaced and a new EPDM roofing membrane installed.

New copper flashing fitted around an iron deck railing serves as a waterproof cap over the parapet.

A series of adjustable plastic pedestals, each rated for a 1,500-pound load, hold up the deck. This support system makes it possible to clean leaves and debris from under the deck, or make adjustments.

A plastic disk and a single screw secure the corners of four ipe tiles at every pedestal. Spacer tabs maintain a uniform 1/4-inch gap between adjacent tiles; a wedge-shaped cutout in the disk can be rotated to allow a tile to be removed.

Tiles and pedestals are installed and leveled one at a time.

To prevent lateral shifting, a maximum clearance of 1/4 inch is allowed around the deck's perimeter. The author installed an ipe border in the gap between the parapet and field tiles.

The border was supported between pedestals with custom made ipe biscuits.

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