Replacing a Slab Foundation

While the perimeter footings were sound, demolition revealed that a slab poured on uncompacted fill was suspended like a trampoline from the footing edges. Note the bow toward the center of the slab remnant.

Careless site preparation at the time of construction left this 30-year-old home with a sinking driveway, a cracked and leaking sewer line, and failed slabs in the garage and the family room behind it.

The gap beneath the garage door was a full 8 inches high at the right-hand side.

Gaps beneath the garage door and structure were tell-tale symptoms of the slab settlement.

At the back of the garage, the laundry-room wall was separating from the slab.

With the drywall stripped from the laundry-room and family-room walls, the sag in both slabs is evident. Note the inspection hole in the concrete.

The inspection hole allowed the author to take this photo, which shows a large gap between the slab and the soil beneath and, at the back, a disconnected waste line.

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