Replacing a Wood Beam with Steel (Images 1-7)

The crew built temporary support walls on both sides of the existing beam and then cut it free of the joists.

The crew hauled the 460-pound beam inside through a convenient window and set it on sawhorses beneath its eventual location in the ceiling.

The crew used powder-actuated pins to fasten the 2x8 framing lumber to one side of the web.

They then nailed the LVL to the 2x8.

They flipped the beam over, and used the holes in the web to drill through both pieces of lumber.

They repeated the process on the other side, then flipped the beam over again and drilled the bolt holes back through the full assembly.

To prevent possible conflicts between bolt and joist layouts, they drilled recesses for the nuts and washers using a 2-inch spade bit, then installed the bolts.

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