Reroofing with Concrete Tile, Images 1-9

For convenience, the authors use dump trucks for roof tear-offs, backing them as close to the house as feasible.

Old tiles are typically set in mortar and are soft and fragile, so they are easy to remove.

After the roof has been scraped clean, the crew renails the sheathing to meet new high-wind codes.

A site supervisor photographs the nailing pattern as evidence for the building department — a requirement on every job.

Fresh courses of 30-pound asphalt felt, attached with ring-shank nails driven through metal disks, replace the 15-pound felt the crew has just torn off.

A roofer slips the new felt under the existing sidewall flashing, which has been scraped clean.

The roofer applies cold asphalt cement under the flashing.

He nails the flashing down to the tar with ringshank nails.

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