Reroofing with Concrete Tile, Images 10-16

A reroof job usually includes new self-flashing skylights with integral curbs. A roofer applies cold asphalt cement to the new asphalt felt paper.

The skylight is set into the tar and secured with ring-shank nails.

Vent stacks are sealed with prefabricated lead flashings, which are set in asphalt cement.

The lead flashing is nailed off and bent around the top of the pipe.

Before hot mopping begins, a roofer coats metal valley flashings with asphalt primer.

The hot tar is spread one course of asphalt roofing at a time and the 90-pound membrane is quickly applied before the tar cools.

A row of metal cap nails along the top edge holds the felt in place while the asphalt cools and cures.

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