Reroofing with EPDM Rubber, Images 5-14

Since the sheathing had to be replaced anyway, the author increased the roof slope by adding tapered 2-by sleepers on top of the joists.

The new OSB decking slopes 4 inches over 11 feet — an additional 3 inches of rise.

The EPDM installation started with a 1/2-inch-thick fiberboard underlayment engineered to bond with the roofing adhesive. It scores and cuts like cement board and is fastened in place with galvanized screws and washers.

After sweeping the surface clean, the crew applies latex bonding adhesive.

The membrane is folded back on itself so it can be glued down a section at a time.

Latex bonding adhesive

As the cement sets, a worker uses a broom to press out air bubbles and create a strong bond.

The membrane is left long, then folded up the wall and trimmed to its final length. To minimize cuts, the corners are folded over.

After the entire sheet is adhered, brooming continues until all the bubbles are worked out at the upper edge.

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