Restoring a Standing Seam Roof, Images 10-21

The red finish coat was applied to the seams.

The finish coat then was applied to the field of the roof panels.

For easy movement over the roof, the installers used ingenious roof-bracket assemblies that hooked over the ridge.

The existing EPDM-lined gutter was integrated into the new roof surface.

To match the roof of the main house, faux standing seams were added to the plywood roof sheathing on the addition.

Installing faux standing seams

The metal and wood surfaces were covered with polyester fabric and a bedding coat.

Two finish coats of paint were applied.

Because it is self-flashing and bonds to a variety of materials, Hydrostop provides seamless coverage between the addition's roof and the brick wall of the main house.

Hydrostop was applied around the cap of the masonry chimney.

The sealer was applied between the original metal roof and the vintage vents.

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