Restoring an Old Porch, Images 1-10

Rotted girders in the old framing extended just an inch into poorly hewn pockets in the rough stone foundation. The author repointed and parged the existing pockets and cut additional ones for new double 2x10 beams.

Cut ends of the pressure-treated lumber were soaked with wood preservative, and metal hangers were added for an extra measure of stability.

Peel-and-stick membrane protects the hardware and seals the beam pocket.

With the deck framing resting on temporary supports, the author lays out and installs the post anchors.

The process ensured accurate positioning of the pressure-treated 6x6s.

Short sections of knee wall were attached to the front of the deck with metal straps and framing anchors; later they would be enclosed by finished PVC pillars.

The author used pocket screws and cement to assemble the frames of the cellular PVC pedestals.

Finished cellular PVC pedestals.

The completed pedestals were slipped in place over the framed knee walls, then trimmed with PVC moldings to hide fastener holes.

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