Retrofitting Exterior Insulation - Images 8-15

Porch floor joists had to be cut off to allow the insulation board to pass behind.

The new ledger was attached through the foam into solid framing with structurally rated screws.

In order to secure the deep exterior jambs needed to cover the double layer of foam, carpenters fastened 2-by blocking around the windows directly against the housewrap.

The blocks were covered with 1/2-inch-thick foam, then buried beneath the second layer of 2-inch foam, effectively preventing thermal conduction.

Stainless fasteners secure the PVC extensions, which were also taped to the foil-faced foam.

The cellular PVC siding had to be carefully hand-nailed through slots that allow for expansion.

Backing plates provide glued reinforcement at butt joints.

Affixing siding with backing

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