Rock Breaking With Micro Blaster

The required 5/16-inch hole can be drilled with a gas- or battery-powered rotary hammer on a site with no power.

A single power cartridge requires a 10-inch-deep hole; each additional cartridge adds 2 inches more (up to a maximum 16 inches for 4 cartridges).

In addition to the three-head kit shown here, the manufacturer also offers an air-operated single-head kit, as well as a lower-cost single-head kit that’s activated with a pull cord.

Three holes are charged and ready to fire. The uppermost portion of the outcrop had already been broken free by a previous round.

This is an example of rock in which an exploding charge has bisected the drill hole, revealing the pocket at its bottom that held the power cartridge.

With the Micro-Blaster, debris rarely travels more than half the length of the air hoses, so blasting is much safer than with traditional charges. In close quarters, a scrap of carpet is enough to contain blast debris.

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