Rx for Wood Windows - Images 10-16

Using a 3 1/2-inch angled sash brush, the author laps the paint slightly onto the glass, creating a final barrier against water intrusion.

Spraying is considerably faster than brushing when windows, siding, and trim are being painted at the same time. The author begins by using a dual-tack tape dispenser to mask the window glass.

The author is careful to leave a slight, even gap between the tape and glazing trim

He lays painter's plastic onto the tape, trimming it to size with a razor blade.

To minimize sag-producing crossing patterns, the author makes quick vertical passes with his spray gun and sprays lightly, sometimes applying two thinner coats rather than a heavier one that may need to be brushed out.

After spraying on the window's finish coat — and allowing enough drying time, so that the tape won't lift the paint — the author masks around the frame with regular tape.

He tucks the plastic underneath before finishing the rest of the siding.

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