Scrubbing Mold

Students on spring break from James Madison University in Virginia gear up to scrub down mold-infested basements in the Rockaways, organized by grassroots recovery group Restore & Rebuild.

“The most effective method is also the cheapest,” says organizer Terri Bennett. “It’s just very labor-intensive.”

“People were not prepared for what they were going to have to do,” says organizer Terri Bennett. “The worst houses, the mold looked like cotton candy.”

“We scrub down all the wood with wire brushes, detergent and Borax,” says organizer Terri Bennett.

“Scrubbing every single surface of the home with a wire brush is not fast,” says Terri Bennett.

Organizer Terri Bennett with a Respond & Rebuild team leader Ravin Shah at a basement apartment in the Rockaways. “We would like to see ourselves part of the ongoing recovery effort,” says Bennett.

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