Setting Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Claws are designed to both clamp and align face frames (

When assembling cabinets in banks, use a level to ensure that face frames are perfectly flush.

For a finished look, decorative fasteners such as Powerhead Screws ( have a thin head.

Powerhead Screws can also be driven flush.

Another option for a finished look is to predrill for cabinet bolts.

One-person installation is possible with a cabinet lift like this older-model Cabinetizer (

One option for out-of-level floors is to first level and fasten a ladder base, then install plain base boxes on top of it.

Attaching solid 1-by for crosspieces or cleats flush with the top of the base will provide ample surface area to receive screws driven down through the bottom of the cabinet boxes.

Some adjustable leveling legs, such as these from Camar (, come with clips to support toe-kick panels.

For a clean appearance, scribe extra-deep and extra-tall full-height panels to the floor and wall.

Make and use a simple jig to locate and drill for drawer pulls.

A jig makes it easier to locate and drill for handles.

To prevent blow-out, first drill partway through doors from the back.

After drilling partway through from the back of the door, finish the hole from the front.

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