Setting Up New Construction Jobsites

Perimeter fence with a screen is important for both security and appearance to the neighborhood.

This infill remodel shows our typical fence and jobsite sign. The address, architect, and our Risinger Homes logo are on one sign.

Generally we fence trees at the dripline with a fence and a deep mulch bed.

This is another great example of wrapped 2×4s around a tree with fencing and mulch.

Note the tree protection measures.

Job signage is important, but you also want to review these rules often with your subs.

A small, dry area near our job office makes a great spot for supplies, first-aid kits, a fire extinguisher, hand sanitizer, and the like.

These small jobsite offices are affordable to rent and come with an air conditioner.

The trash contractor I use makes its own 8×8-foot plywood boxes for my sites.

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