Siga Wigluv Air Sealing Tape Review

All OSB Sheating with a bottom 2' course of Pressure Treated Plywood

I use Carlisle CCW 705 on the bottom 12" to ensure this vulnerable area is protected.

The CCW 705 runs over the concrete slab by 1-2" to air seal and move water away from the sheathing. Notice the dark primer before adhering the peel & stick CCW 705.

Siga Wigluv 60 (2.25") tape, Dockskin primer, Siga tape dispenser, and J-Roller to ensure a tight install.

This tape is expensive, but you get what you pay for. It sticks tenaciously.

Carpenter using a mini-roller to apply the Dockskin primer to the OSB seams prior to taping.

Siga Wigluv on the PT Plywood to OSB seam.

Almost fully taped ...

Tape is completed and the whole house gets DuPont Tyvek Commercial Drainwrap as the WRB over the OSB.

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