Slideshow: Placing a Foundation on a Tight Infill Lot

A crew for JB Concrete Foundations forms and pours the stemwall foundation for a 4-unit apartment building on an infill site in the East End of Portland, Maine.

Rebar and forms in place as the JB Concrete Foundations crew starts forming up the walls.

JB crew members tie rebar for the stemwalls.

Crew members tie rebar.

Crew members set forms and tie rebar.

Crew members tying rebar and setting forms.

Forms in place as the crew prepares for the concrete pour.

This iPhone panorama photo of the site gives an idea of the lot dimensions. Tight setbacks and a deep lot add some wrinkles to the construction problem.

A pump truck supplied by Northeast Concrete Pumping (Scarborough, Maine) in place by the curb at the jobsite. Parking and traffic control are part of the problem project manager Jeff Barker has to solve.

The crew starts the wall pour.

The crew pours a stiff mix, with a four-inch to five-inch slump. Shovel work is part of the process.

While the pump truck operator controls the flow of concrete with a remote control, concrete masons direct the mix into the forms and consolidate the concrete with a mechanical vibrator.

The crew works its way around the wall with pump, vibrator, and shovel.

A concrete mason trowels the wall top to a snapped line on the inside of the forms.

With snow starting to fly and weather cooling at the end of the day, the crew covers the walls with insulating blankets.

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