Soffits and Squash Blocks & Beveled Eaves and Ridge Strips

For open soffits, however, we cut the rafters plumb with the plate line and add 2x6 tails flush with the top flange of each I-joist rafter.

We install the squash blocks on each side of the rafter — one below the 2x6 tail and one on the opposite side.

We cut eaves blocking from I-joist stock. Whenever possible, we like to install it as we go when setting the rafters, just like we do when setting trusses.

Having to cut a birdsmouth complicates things, and adds much more time than it takes for us to rip beveled strips on a table saw.

Sometimes we use the same type of beveled strip when the rafters are set on top of the ridge.

Blocking above the ridge is required in this situation (L), but before installing it you need to decide how the rafters on each side of the ridge will be joined.

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