Stabila IP65 Tech Electronic Level

The Stabila Type 196E Tech (top) is being replaced by the IP65 Tech (bottom). New features include a backlight for much easier viewing in dim light, better seals, and bouncier removable end caps.

Stabila IP65 Tech Electronic Level

The display is typically calibrated by holding the level against a vertical surface, leveling it visually with the center vial, and then pressing the CAL button twice.

The IP65 Tech offers two backlight options. The soft backlight stays on until you turn it or the display off (or the display shuts itself off). The bright one turns off after a minute to save energy.

Unlike vials, the display can be viewed off-center, which makes even basic leveling and plumbing a lot easier.

The level can read slopes in a variety of formats. Here, it's indicating a common 2 percent drainage slope.

The level indicating a 4/12 roof pitch

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