Stabilizing a Hillside Foundation, Images 20-25

Heavy steel bearing plates welded to the tops of the piers support a beefy rebar cage, which has been spot-welded to the plates.

Tube forms surround the upper ends of the piers, to encase them in concrete.

Final welds are made.

The grade beam is ready to be poured.

Galvanized connecting rods are attached to the angled tie-back piers.

The connecting rods are run through 4-inch-diameter PVC knockouts.

Three-quarter-inch–thick steel plates on the outside of the grade beam capture the ends. Note the two steel I-beams sitting on top of the grade beam, ready to be welded together to form one long support.

With the building jacked to its final level position, the steel columns were cut to finish height with a portable band saw.

The steel I-beam was then jacked into place and welded to the tops of the columns.

Diagonal 4x6 braces anchored atop the grade beam stiffen the cantilevered deck above.

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