Stain-Grade Finishing

The author prepared sample boards of poplar and birch plywood, the materials used to build the entry trim.

He blended different stain colors together to find the combination that would most closely match the color of the stained and seal-coated mahogany entry doors.

The author brushes the oil-based stain onto each section of trim.

The stain is wiped off with a rag to remove the excess and even out the finish. After the stain has dried overnight, the trim will receive two coats of fast-drying vinyl sanding sealer.

Before the sealed doors and trim can be topcoated, they must be lightly sanded again, typically with fine-grit sanding sponges or 220-grit sandpaper.

Compressed air is handy for removing sanding dust from cracks, but the trim must also be wiped down with a rag dipped in mineral spirits.

Three to four coats of CAB acrylic lacquer are sprayed onto the entire assembly, with a light sanding between coats.

Finished mahogany entryway

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