Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier

This slab is almost ready for the pour. The super-tough 15-mil Stego Wrap stands up to a busy jobsite.

The Stego Vapor Barrier stands up to the abuse of placing all this rebar. The wrap runs under the grade beams and is sealed to the steel piles . See "Foundation on Piles" for more on the steel piles we used.

The concrete crew used Stego's Crete Claw tape to seal penetrations.

My concrete guy is using Stego Mastic on the pipe penetrations as an extra precaution. This is like a thinned “caulk” that we roll on.

While it looks like roofing cement, the Stego Mastic is thinner and easier to work with.

We rolled out the mastic over all the tape edges near penetrations. Next step: Termite protection.

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