Stucco Parapet Caps - Best Practice

Tyvek Commercial D installed after framing.

We start the cap waterproofing by stripping off any Tyvek to get to a bare substrate.

Anytime we have a 90 degree turn in a cap I want a good membrane at these critical junctions. Tyvek Flexwrap is what I use.

Tyvek Flexwrap on corners first. THEN sheet membrane

3M High Strength 90 makes a great primer for any sticky flashing.

We are using 36? wide rolls of CCW 705 and it’s only practical to run them in about 6' lengths to ensure wrinkle free application.

Overlap by at least 6? on the straight runs.

It’s critical to use Flexwrap in the corners because of the cuts needed to the straight membrane.

Where the cap meets a wall we again want to run Tyvek Flexwrap. Sam is using High Strength 90 to prime first.

Flexwrap first, then flap the Tyvek back over. This cap is done!

Completed Cap is now waterproof and ready for the stucco crew.

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