Stucco Rainscreen - Delta Dry Stucco

Delta Dry Stucco & Stone comes in rolls that look alot like a foundation waterproofing product. It’s a plastic dimple mat on the back.

You can see the plastic dimple has a fabric adhered to one side. The plastic nipples go against your WRB (weather resistive barrier) and the fabric faces out.

It’s hard to get a good close up on the fabric, but it look alot like a silt fence material. Obviously porous and lightweight but tough.

It rolls out easily as it’s lightweight and we tacked it up with a few roofing nails.

Sprinkler that was wetting the building and caused huge failures.

Once the Delta Dry Stucco & Stone is applied, you’ll staple the wire mesh up as usual but with a longer staple.

Also, you’ll notice that we are NOT using a layer of felt behind the stucco. The felt behind stucco is meant to be a bond breaker, meaning the stucco scratch coat (1st coat) bonds to the felt paper and the WRB behind that won’t get clogged. In this case, the fabric on the Delta Dry Stucco & Stone is the bond breaker and keeps the scratch coat from filling the air space.

The rest of the Stucco job proceeds as normal. This project was a traditional 3 coat system with the finish coat being an integral color LaHabra Smooth Santa Barbara Mission Finish.

Notice my custom hood for the electrical panel. Also, the AC Linesets have my favorite QuickFlash flashing boot on them.

I took these pictures after a rain event and it’s pretty clear how the stucco is absorbing water! I’m glad I’ve got a nice air gap behind there so it can dry harmlessly

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