Three Ways to Vent a Soffit

We cut saw kerfs into the edges of our soffit boards, and slip the flanges of the metal strip vents into these kerfs.

Hardie fiber-cement soffit panels are available in both vented and nonvented configurations.

Neither aluminum strip vents nor perforated fiber-cement panels would have looked quite right, so we tried Cor-a-Vent S-400 ( corrugated polypropylene strip vents to our soffit assembly.

We first added ripped 2x2s to the bottom of our framed eaves assembly.

We used MiraTEC trim to finish the soffits and trim out the rest of the eaves, including the fascia, even though the original fascia detail featured a large crown molding.

Gutters will conceal the fascia on the addition, so we simulated the look of the original work using flat stock and saved the cost of a custom molding that would never be seen.

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