Tiling Over Plywood, Images 8-16

To speed up sheet membrane installation, the author cuts, dry-fits, and folds all sections before applying adhesive. First, he positions the cut sheet.

He secures the back of the sheet with weighted buckets, and lifts it out of the way.

He folds the loose end back, weighing it down with tiles while he prepares to spread adhesive.

When the contact cement becomes tacky (which takes about 10 to 20 minutes), the author unfolds the loose end of the membrane.

He laminates the sheet with a straightedge.

With the front of the sheet laminated, he pulls the back portion forward and spreads contact cement for the rest of the sheet.

For a flat and leakproof seam in the sheet membrane, the author lays down two beads of manufacturer-supplied sealant.

He flattens the seam with a straightedge. Sealant squeeze-out indicates the seam is closed.

Once the membrane has been installed with Noble's contact-type adhesive, tile layout and installation should follow as soon as possible to lessen the risk that the membrane surface will get dirty or damaged.

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