Toolbox - Milwaukee 12-Volt Tools

Designed to fit into tight spots, the PVC shear cuts up to 2-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe.

To cut, you push the lock-off button with the base of your forefinger while squeezing the rear trigger with your middle finger. This also lights up the LED battery gauge for about two seconds. Pulling the front trigger alone springs the blade open.

The copper-tubing cutter must be open to grab or release a pipe. To open it you move the control switch in front of the trigger to the far right and then pull the trigger.

The window makes it easy to align the cutting wheel with the cutline and can be lit by pressing the white button, which also lights the LED battery gauge.

To make a cut, you flip the control switch to the far left and squeeze the trigger, which spins the cutting wheel around the pipe.

To join Uponor's AquaPEX tubing to its ProPEX fittings, you slip a ring over the end of the tubing, stretch the ring and tubing with an expansion tool, then slip them over the fitting and let them shrink to a leak-free fit. The M12 ProPEX expansion tool makes the job easy and fits into tight spaces.

The expander heads simply thread onto the frame.

When you pull the tool's trigger, the jaws repeatedly open and close as the head rotates incrementally.

All three tools come in plastic cases with sturdy metal latches. The Pro- PEX-expander case (shown) holds the three expander heads, a tube of grease, and either Milwaukee's standard batteries or its optional XC batteries, which double the runtime.

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