Upgrading the WRB With a Drainage Mat

The OSB sheathing and studs around the window on this home essentially turned to compost within a few years.

Without a weep screed - which provides both a capillary break and an escape route for excess moisture - rot is almost inevitable.

Water can get behind the cladding when step and kick-out flashings at roof-to-wall and roof-to-chimney connections are improperly installed or missing.

Keene .020-1 is applied over 60-minute Grade D building paper or an equivalent membrane - with the fabric side out.

The scratch coat adheres to the fabric and metal lath and is stopped from entering the matrix by the fabric.

It's easy to cut the membrane around penetrations like jambs and heads of windows and doors, and to wrap it around corners to allow an air space at the edge of the facade.

Accessories like window casing beads and control joints go on top of the drainage mat.

Once the house is completely wired, it’s ready for plaster.

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