Valley Rafters Tricks & Gable-End Overhangs

On this house we had a split-pitch roof — 8/12 on one side of the valley and 12/12 on the other.

Working from a section drawing ...

... we were able to measure how much we had to build up the plate to support the 12/12 rafters.

We took the plumb depth for each pitch and ripped two pieces of LVL — one to match the plumb depth of the 8/12 rafters, and one (deeper) piece for the 12/12 side — and screwed them together ...

... with the tops at different heights to create the valley rafter.

The valley doesn’t line up perfectly with the intersection of the fascia, but the offset is very minor. Unless you knew the offset was there (see arrow), you wouldn’t notice it.

On any roof (I-joists or sawn lumber), we speed things up by framing the gables on the ground as rake walls, with the overhangs preinstalled, and then lifting the assembly into place.

Or, we may order LVL for the gable rafters, as we did on the shed-dormer area, and notch for the lookouts.

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