Wood Shingle Roof

Before Photo with Comp Shingle Roof

Cedar Breather under our shingles.

The Cedar Breather gaps the shingles about 1/4-inch off the roof deck.

The roofers install the wood shingles pretty easily over the Cedar Breather.

The wood roof is looking fantastic in process!

Modern wood shingles can come with a chemical treatment that resists burning and you can get either a Class A-, B-, or C-rated shingle.

We used a Class B-rated shingle on this project.

The correct stainless nail is very important. This note is stapled to the shingles.

This 304 Grade Stainless coil nail was special ordered but worth the $150/box.

Get the right nails!

AFTER. It's still a bit fresh, but after a year of Texas sun it will have a beautiful grey color.

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