Working on SIPS Roof, Images 9-20

A vertical ripple in the shingles was caused by a slight displacement in the roof panels edges.

Arrow indicates displacement in the roof panel edge.

To make sure the surface was flat before reshingling, the author secured the edges of the panels with washer screws driven into the framing.

A second layer of OSB sheathing was laid over the entire roof.

The solar installer uses a recip saw to cut one of the penetrations needed for the fluid pipe loop between the collectors and the utility room.

Inside, a worker makes a hole in the ceiling several feet away, then scoops out a recess with a hot knife.

Working from this access point, a worker uses a long drill bit to locate the penetration and create a tunnel to pull the pipe through.

Snaking the pipes through the panels to the basement proved to be tricky.

The Velux solar collectors were simply screwed directly to the roof sheathing.

The installers ran the fluid lines to the utility room.

Connections were made at the manifold assembly, which includes a pump, gauges, and controls.

A pressure tank and insulated storage tank complete the installation.

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