Zip System, Images 1-12

Zip wall panels are premarked for 16-inch and 24-inch on-center stud layouts.

The panels have a self-spacing profile along their long edges.

The author uses a router to cut out door and window openings; he's found that router bits tend to wear faster when cutting Zip panels than they do when cutting standard OSB sheathing, probably because of the denser material and resin-impregnated overlay.

The author's crew uses the panel manufacturers guns to tape seams.

The tape gun has a built-in roller, but the crew also uses a J-roller to make sure the tape is firmly applied.

Applying tape with a J-roller.

Corners are typically taped by hand.

Rolling tape on an outside corner

The tape gun is sometimes used for outside corners.

A corner tool included in the gun kit is useful for applying pressure to inside corners and valleys.

Zip tape can't be installed on wet surfaces, so a backpack leaf blower is used to dry off the seams in damp conditions.

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