Zip System, Images 13-22

Either regular peel-and-stick flashing tape or 6-inch-wide Zip tape can be used to flash doors and windows to the wall panels.

A worker seals a metal cap flashing with Zip tape.

Zip roof panels provide good traction, thanks to grit added to the overlay during production.

The author's crew sets up toeboards for roof pitches steeper than 8/12.

On shallow pitches, seams can be quickly taped as the roof is sheathed.

Roof penetrations are sealed with tape — which is guaranteed to remain watertight for up to 120 days — before being covered.

Roof-to-wall intersections are also sealed with tape.

After the step flashing and roofing have been installed, the author tapes flashing to the sidewalls with 6-inch tape.

Flashing taped to sidewalls

When all the panel joints have been taped, the shell is weathertight and ready for roofing and siding.

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