Zip Wall Tips

Bensonwood Timberframe house with SIPs using Zip Wall. Crane flying in a roof panel here.

"Standard" Zip wall install. But, I see some room for improvement here.

Ice/Water Shield underlayment overlaps the wall Zip panels by about 3-4?

Architects designed a very cool "over-roof" with 2x's to create overhangs on this house. Roof has continuous ventilation under the metal from eave to ridge.

This wall gets traditional stucco over Zip. Let's see what we did to make it more durable.

This blue base wall flashing will add TONS of durability to your Zip house.

Rainscreen gap created by Cor-A-Plast battens with a folded over insect screen at the bottom. Ready for siding.

3/8" gap creates a nice drainage space behind this wood siding. I don't install siding without a rainscreen anymore.

Face-screwed siding makes it really easy to pull off later if we ever had a reason.

Rainscreen Wood Siding. Notice the vented roof too.

Foreground: Rainscreen Siding. Background: Cosella Dorkin – Delta Dry Stucco & Stone drainage mat for Stucco.

Zip Wall got a venting layer before Stucco was installed. Delta Dry Stucco & Stone rolling on here.

Drainage mat installed and ready for Stucco scratch coat.

Wood siding has a charred finish called Sho-Sugiban.

Metal roof, Marvin Windows, and Black Siding. I need to hire a pro to photograph this house!

Traditional 3 coat stucco with LaHabre integral color finish. Rolling cedar shades look awesome!

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