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Cold Pack. As a rule, spray foam doesn’t seal or dispense very well in cold temperatures — but there’s an exception: Hilti’s CF 512 Cold Weather Foam is designed for temperatures as low as 30°F. The cans screw onto standard dispensing guns. A case of 12 24-ounce cans costs about $175. Hilti, 866/445-8827,

Antiperspirant. A sweaty toilet tank is a maintenance headache and a menace to floors and framing. A 109-503RP Toilet Anti-Sweat Valve from B&K can help. The bronze valve mixes a little hot water into the tank, which raises the overall water temperature and stops the sweating. It can be connected with threaded, sweat, or compression fittings and costs about $25. B&K Industries, 800/782-2385,

Tube Shade. ODL’s remote-controlled Solar-Powered Dimmer keeps tubular skylights from overheating a home’s interior. Designed for 10-inch units, the device’s on-board solar panel powers a remote-controlled shade during daylight hours and charges the four niMH batteries that control nighttime shade adjustments. The product costs $129. ODL, 866/635-4968,

Medium Range. Looking for a standard-width high-performance range? Dacor’s new 30-inch Epicure has all the same features as larger Epicure models, including continuous cast-iron grates, a high-powered wok burner, and blue LED knobs that glow when the burners are on. It’s available in island and against-the-wall versions; pricing starts at $3,800. Dacor, 800/793-0093,

Quick Well. Bilco’s new StakWel Window Well makes it easy to provide code-compliant basement egress. The 21-inch-high by 48-inch-wide modules can be stacked for foundation walls of up to 10 feet. Molded footholds and handholds eliminate the need for a separate ladder. My local lumberyard quoted me a price of $79 per section. Bilco, 203/934-6363,

Slate Substitute. Promising the look of slate without the weight and installation hassle, Crane’s Verona Slate roofing — actually interlocking polymer panels — has 7-inch reveals and Class 4 impact resistance. It carries a 50-year warranty, satisfies Dade County wind requirements, and comes in black, brown, and two shades of gray. The maker declined to provide pricing. Crane, 800/366-8472,

Modern Look. Clean lines and flat panels give Armstrong’s Calibra cabinets a sleek, uncluttered look. They come in five finishes and with a wide variety of hardware choices. Armstrong, 800/527-5903,