You thought that cordless drills were just for builders? Here’s our top 10 list of ingenious drill-powered solutions to off-the-job-site problems.

Trimming cow tails. The Tailwell tail trimmer from the New Zealand manufacturer Shoof International, is guaranteed to handle “even the most daggy tails” with no discomfort to cow or operator.

Sharpening pencils. The C.H. Hanson Pro-Sharp beats the daylights out of that wimpy electric pencil sharpener in the office.

Wheelchair propulsion. The Simun Power Assist Wheelchair gives users a power boost for ascending ramps or other high-effort situations.

Disemboweling pumpkins. You probably won’t use the Dakota Industries Pumpkin Gutter more than once a year, but it brings much-needed efficiency to jack-o-lantern making.

Banishing slush. Depending on the ice thickness, the propeller-drive Slush Copter can clean the ice shavings out of 20 to 50 ice-fishing holes on a single charged battery.

Lifting heavy stuff.The Pulleyman Winch has a rated capacity of more than half a ton and looks fun to use.

Processing poultry. The PowerPlucker is said to take much of the drudgery out of plucking chickens, although you’ll still have to pull the large wing and tail feathers by hand.

Pulling weeds. With the aid of a Turbo Torx Weed Twister, the resourceful gardener can unscrew weeds from the soil rather than yanking them out.

Mixing margaritas. The Boatblender, a portable drill-powered blender, would seem to be a must-have tool for attending outdoor Jimmy Buffett concerts.

Moving airplanes. If you’re fed up with pushing your light aircraft into and out of its hangar by hand, a Minimax aircraft tug will ease the job. —Jon Vara