Home security is built right into light bulbs with The BeON Home protection solution. An easy DIY option for any home, and compatible with Android and iOS, BeON devices screw in and operate like standard light bulbs, and offer advanced features through the BeON app. Using Bluetooth, the bulbs learn lighting habits and can replicate the rhythm of turning lights on and off while you're away. Thanks to an integral battery backup, bulbs also can provide emergency lighting when smoke alarms go off, the doorbell rings, or for up to five hours if the power goes out. The batteries recharge when the light switch is on, but the bulbs can be controlled and dimmed with the app, even if the switch is off. BeON Home Protection bulbs use LEDs to give the equivalent of a 60-watt standard bulb, and are designed to last more than 20 years. A variety of kits are available depending on home size. Outfit a two- to four-bedroom home for about $200. beonhome.com