When I recently upgraded to a new compound-miter saw for trim and general carpentry, I outfitted my old Delta 10-inch miter saw with a new 80-tooth Diablo D1080N Non-Ferrous/Plastics saw blade. The Delta is now my dedicated saw for cutting aluminum track for rolling doors, aluminum window-screen frames, and other non-ferrous metal materials. It sure beats the hassle of using a hacksaw or an angle grinder, and the thin-kerf blade’s triple-chip grind delivers clean, burr-free cuts. I even accidentally cut a mild-steel grid for a suspended ceiling with this blade, and it didn’t damage it. That might be because of Diablo’s special high-density carbide teeth and tri-metal shock-resistant brazing. The blade costs about $60 at homedepot.com. —John Carroll is a remodeling contractor in Durham, N.C.

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