Best by Broan aims to improve on downdraft kitchen ventilation with the introduction of the Cattura model. Designed to be as effective as an island hood, the thin, retractable unit features the company's patented "Vertex Complete Capture" technology, reportedly capturing up to 100% of emissions. Dual inlet ports on the face and top of the downdraft take in smoke, moisture, and other cooking fumes, to improve indoor air quality. When fully raised to 18 inches, Cattura can capture emissions located on any part of the cooktop. Homeowners will appreciate operation that's supposed to be up to 35% quieter than other downdrafts, and LED task lights that illuminate the full cooking surface. Additionally, "Heat Sentry" technology automatically detects excessive heat and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. Cattura's filters are dishwasher-safe, and the unit offers a helpful reminder light to help ensure regular cleaning. Retail price is $1,799.