"Homeowners don't want 'smart technology' just because it's 'smart,'" says JLC products maven, Lauren Hunter." They want it because it's practical." In this installment of Matt Risinger's video blog he joins Lauren at the Rheem booth of the International Builders Show for first look at the company's latest water heating system.

Rheem has now joined forces with Nest. The water heater responds the to thermostat, which includes motion sensing technology to automatically step-down heating and cooling - and now water heating - when no one's home.

Rheem was one of the first on the market with a heat-pump water heater, and they are now into Gen 3 with a super efficient, 2.54 EF water heater that they guarantee for 12 years. While this unit is more energy efficient, it actually uses a bigger 8,700 BTU heat pump that's capable of delivering a faster response time.

On the HVAC side, Rheem links air conditioning with water heating: By running a freon line from the AC unit around the water heater, Rheem is able to capture the excess heat expelled from the AC unit that would otherwise just get dumped outside. Rheem has been doing this on the commercial side for a few years so it's a proven technology that Matt predicts may be picked up by other manufacturers of residential HVAC systems in the near future.