Bruce Greenlaw

Milwaukee’s new 17-pound, 18-volt M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger (model 2792-20) can charge or run on any battery from the M18 platform. In addition to a backlit LCD screen, an AM/FM tuner with five presets for each band, and a base and treble equalizer, it has a clock, a roll cage, three handles, a bottle opener, and a weather-sealed compartment with a 16-inch auxiliary input cord inside for connecting and protecting your smartphone or digital music player. Two AAA batteries power the presets and clock, and should last more than a year. The sealed compartment also has a 2.1-amp USB port that’s active whether the radio is using AC or battery power. According to Milwaukee, it charges most mobile devices more than 50% faster than the USB ports in competing models. When opened, the compartment lid can hold a tablet upright while you charge it, transforming the radio into a portable entertainment center.

Perhaps the biggest news is that the M18 is the first jobsite model to include a Bluetooth receiver, reportedly allowing you to stream and control content from a mobile device from up to 100 feet away. In this mode, you can also pause or move through music tracks from the radio’s control panel.

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