Advocate Photo by Veronica Dominach

Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation is replacing rotting stairs and decks on 30 homes built after Hurricane Katrina. The Advocate New Orleans Edition reports that TimberSIL, a glass-infused wood product was used in the construction. TimberSIL is promoted as a "green" alternative to pressure-treated wood. Sodium silicate rather than toxic chemicals is said to encapsulate and protect the wood cells. Taylor Royle, a Make it Right spokesperson told the Advocate they were attracted to the product's 40 year guarantee and added, "This usually doesn't happen ... we're always testing new products to see if they can help make the homes more sustainable, more affordable or both." Mr. Pitt gave a similar statement. Although not all the lumber is showing signs of deterioration, the charitable foundation is undertaking a complete replacement at a cost of about $150,000. Make it Right said they intend to seek full compensation.