At the 2017 International Builder Show, Matt Risinger visits the Huber booth where the a new ZipSystem R Sheathing has been launched to address increasing wall R-value requirements in the energy codes. The ZipSystem panels that come with a built-in weather-barrier and air-sealing skin now come with foam attached, too. Available in four different flavors with 1/2- to 2-inches of rigid foam, the sheathing provides enough insulation value to meet code and fend of condensation problems in all U.S. climate zones. One installation gives you structural sheathing, an air-sealed weather-resistive barrier, added wall R-value and a thermal break (a key advantage of any continuous exterior insulation system).

Perhaps what's best is that R-sheathing panels can be installed with a pneumatic nailer, providing a fast method of installing continuous exterior insulation compared with screwing on rigid insulation. And because the OSB structural sheathing is outboard of the foam, you get a ready nail base for attaching siding. Huber supplies the code reports so you can select the correct nail size, and then hand the report to your building inspector to verify that the sheathing has been nailed off with an approved fastener.