by Steve Greenberg  

It’s always been a good idea to contain dust when working in a client’s home, but thanks to the RRP rule, it’s now the law. In my RRP class, we learned how to use overlapping flaps of plastic to make doors for our dust enclosures, but I quickly graduated to glue-on zipper-style doors, which do a better job. Still, they’re clumsy to use and can bind or even fall off — so I was intrigued when I first saw FastCap’s new magnetic barrier door (888/443-3748, at the JLC Live show last spring.

This door is made of a tent-like nylon fabric, and hangs like a divided curtain from a cross bar that attaches to a pair of aluminum poles. Semiflexible magnets are sewn from top to bottom along the inner side of each flap. A second set of magnets is sewn into the inside corner at the base. When you walk through the door, there’s nothing to...

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