Lauren Hunter and Matt Risinger team up at the International Builders Show, this time bringing news of Huber's latest innovations. To support its line of Advantech advanced subflooring, Huber introduced a subfloor adhesive. As backstory to the issue this product solves, Risinger had done testing on standard subfloor adhesive in the past, noting that it did not bond so well with Advantech subflooring (owing perhaps to the waxy additives in Advantech that help it moisture). Huber's solution looks a lot like SmartBond : The 100% polyurethane glue comes out as a foam and settles to a gel that bonds tenaciously to Advantech, report Lauren and Matt. The best part: If you use the new subfloor adhesive with Advantech subfloor, Huber gives you 10-year "squeak-free guarantee."

Huber also debuted two new products on the ZipWall side. First up: a 2 1/2-inch-thick, R-12.6 insulated sheathing. This is not a structural sheathing, but it does combine rigid foam with ZipWall protection, creating a system that will eliminate thermal breaks and simplify the task of flashing and air sealing penetrations. And Huber rolled out a 10-1/2-inch version of its stretch tape, a flashing product that should simplify the water detailing of deep recessed windows and other convoluted exteriors.