This is an embedded Google Earth KML of some sample placemarks on my street. I beg your forgiveness in advance! I was playing around with two things for David Frane:

  1. The KML is driven by a shared Google Doc spreadsheet. This allows collaboration. Edits and additions to the spreadsheet are reflected on the Google Earth project in realtime.
  2. The spreadsheet uses tabs from which we can customize the placemark balloon, and specify different balloon templates. This sample uses a couple different ones. In addition to a still photo of the place, we can brand the balloon with a logo, even related links, etc.

The genesis of this was Dave's idea for a worldwide database of tool manufacturers. Using Google Earth, our users could "visit" the different manufacturing facilities, read some custom descriptions, facts, and get various links, including link-backs to various HW articles.
Again on this one, see how the balloons are scrunched and cutoff.