Back in February, Tim Uhler saw Fiskars hammers featured in a Tools of the Trade newsletter, so he asked to test out a couple of the framing hammers, as well as a 3-lb. club.

What attracted him to these hammers is their reported shock-control system, and we was curious how well these mid-priced hammers might compare to the upscale Stiletto TiBone, which he began using because it transmits almost no vibration (certainly none he can feel). The upshot? He and his co-worker were pleasantly surprised, while the framing hammer is no a Stiletto (and a good $150 cheaper to boot), Uhler found it does help reduce vibration, is easy to grip, you won't break handles and overall falls into the lineup of hammers worth considering.

As for the 3-lb. club hammer? "At $40, every tradesman should have one of these," Uhler concludes.

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